The first part of the new Eximware brand introduction was done silently and subtly. The second phase -an initiative to rename our solutions- was performed in a similar fashion. The nomenclature originally assigned to our solutions- Export Lifecycle Management (ELM,) Trade Lifecycle Management (TLM) and InterCommercial eMarketplace (ICM)- was derived from the areas of the commodity supply chain that each addressed. Although each was accurate, they were far too literal and they fell short in representing the potential value that each solution held for its users. Furthermore, the names failed to speak to the benefit of implementing an Eximware commodity management solution. Something had to be done.

When the new website launched in September 2016, a decision was made to use it as a platform to introduce Partner XM Commodity Management. The name represented something that our clients have known for nearly 17 years. When companies invest in Eximware commodity management, it isn’t just about software. Partner XM symbolizes that working with us means partnering with the industry leading experts in commodity trading and risk management, physical and financial commodity supply chain and optimized cost effective procurement. Eximware clients gain access to in-house expertise acquired through experience in coffee, cocoa, tea, metals and IT industries. The “Partner” nomenclature also reflects our willingness to work as an extension of our clients’ businesses and provide guidance and unmatched support that results in long-term success.

Partner XM over arches the solutions formerly known as TLM and ELM offering straight-through-processing while addressing the needs of multi-commodity organizations that want a better means of managing risk and promoting smart decision making along complex commodity supply chains.  The Eximware commodity management system allows users to automate document creation, capture relevant data centrally, and grants management access to powerful analytics that promote smarter buying, selling and trading decisions where spreadsheets and other generic systems fall short.

Our e-commerce electronic marketplace has also been renamed to XM Marketplace. Initially launched as ICM the leading electronic sourcing solution for green coffee, XM Marketplace has been expanded as a robust online marketplace to buy and sell raw materials, commodities and services. Procurement professionals gain a centralized interface to request quotes, negotiate, record and analyze information that helps make informed buying decisions while the system acts as a complete trade blotter for future reporting. Suppliers of commodities, raw materials and services on the marketplace gain further avenues to promote and sell their offerings and receive proactive notifications of new business opportunities. The XM naming convention was chosen to reflect a central platform that acts as a crossroads for matching buyers and suppliers quickly and efficiently. With new capabilities added, and the new product names in place, the only item left was to choose a new logo. To be concluded…