XM Marketplace for Peanut and Tree Nut Brokers

Eximware nut brokerage software is configured to overcome the challenges associated with managing brokerage workflows and increasing efficiency of sourcing and selling teams. Whether brokering the sale of peanuts (ground nuts,) almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, or other tree nuts; XM Marketplace can be configured to help match buyers with available supply to maximize margins. The industry specific solution is configured with built-in overviews and reporting that have been customized for global brokerage of nuts to help from sourcing to sale. For example, users can easily see what varieties are available and match them to pending requests for product to make quick decisions to maximize revenue and profitability. XM Marketplace has extensive out of the box capabilities for mid through large brokers.

  • Monitor demand against supply availability

  • Centralize sourcing from multiple entities

  • Record and manage historic and real-time pricing

  • Compatible with all nuts varieties

  • Automate brokerage fee calculation

  • Built-in user level controls and limits

XM Marketplace for Brokers provides informative data and centralized reporting that enables brokerages to focus on connecting buyers and sellers more efficiently. It is cloud-based allowing teams to work quickly and access up to date availability and real-time pricing of supply against demand.