Partner XM for Nut Roasters and Processors

Eximware snack nut manufacturer software is configured to overcome the challenges associated with nut sourcing, forecasting, inventory, logistics and quality. The industry specific solution is configured with built-in workflows that have been customized for roasters and processors from sourcing to consumption in the hoppers. For example, users can easily incorporate historic yields against inventory and expected arrivals to accurately forecast demand for ground and tree nuts by origin, grade and type. XM Marketplace can then be used to automatically notify pre-approved counterparties of demand. Partner XM has extensive out of the box capabilities for managing the nut supply chain for mid through large roasters and processors.

  • Generate accurate forecasts based on historic consumption and run rates

  • Centralize and streamline sourcing from pre-approved counterparties

  • Gain insight into inventory in warehouse, processing plant and afloat
  • Manage fixed, price to be fixed contracts, futures, options and puts
  • Quickly generate financial reports for internal and external audits
  • Gain system of record and eliminate double entry with integration to accounting or ERP backbone

XM Marketplace and Partner XM software for snack nut manufacturers provides an end-to-end ground and tree nut supply chain management solution for efficiently sourcing high raw and semi processed nuts, managing unfinished goods inventory, improving forecasting and financial reporting while promoting more profitable intelligence driven decisions.