Eximware’s premier commodity management solutions were created for managing all aspects of the ground nut and tree nut trade. Our commodity expertise dates back to the company’s founding in 2000 and our nut industry software was developed in partnership with leading importers, brokers and consumer snack nuts brands. XM Marketplace and Partner XM can help streamline capture, recording and analysis of key indicators to drive smart decisions throughout the nut supply chain.

Eximware takes great pride in delivering industry leading solutions and unparalleled account management and customer service. A good portion of our new business comes from word of mouth referrals shared by our existing client base and their counterparties. We are happy to share success stories upon request.

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The Partner XM Commodity Management Suite for Nuts is the preferred trading, risk and sourcing platform for centrally managing and monitoring trade activity throughout all stages of the nut ingredient and commodity supply chain. As a leading provider of software built for the nut snacks industry, Eximware solutions are scalable and can be configured based on role within the supply chain for importers, brokers, producers and manufacturers. Eximware delivers software that meets the exacting needs of large multi-national nut snack companies as well as mid-sized and smaller specialty nut importers and brokers.

Specialized configurations for every role along the supply chain.

Nut Brokers

Eximware XM Marketplace for Nut Brokers allows users to centrally manage the physical and financial movements of nuts supplies throughout the end-to-end commodity supply chain.

Eximware Partner XM for Nut Brokers

• Position and risk management
• Yield management
• Inventory management
• Transparency and control
• Product conversions
• Centrally manage all locations

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Eximware Partner XM for Nut Importers empowers users to monitor and manage overall consolidated position in real-time with all transactional data available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Eximware Partner XM for Nut Importers

Eximware Partner XM for Importers permits each department – sourcing, logistics, quality control, sales, management – to work independently while it maintains total position analytics to promote adequate hedging and coverage.

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Processors | Manufacturers

Eximware Partner XM for Nut Processors- cloud-based commodity management- automates contract creation and increased efficiency throughout the commodity supply chain.

Eximware Partner XM for Nut Processors

• Position and risk management
• Generates accurate forecasts
• Purchase contracts
• Inventory and allocations by origin and nut type
• Logistics & Traffic
• Sampling & QC
• Reporting and analytics

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Nut Procurement

XM Marketplace, web-hosted e-commerce platform, centrally manages the procurement of nuts and ingredients at the desired grade, origin and type for the best price from vetted suppliers.

XM Marketplace for Nuts

A cloud based e-commerce platform for managing the procurement and planning of nuts. The web-hosted platform centralizes bid activity while maintaining a robust trade blotter. Save time and buy quality product cheaper and more efficiently. Learn more about XM Marketplace for Ingredients

Eximware’s Additional Services

In addition to providing a world class commodity management platform, Eximware offers an industry leading e-commerce marketplace for sourcing raw materials, semi-finished products and freight services. Our e-commerce marketplace platform allows sourcing groups to canvass  pre-approved counterparties in an efficient standardized manner rather than relying on email, instant messaging or other unstructured mechanisms. Additionally, our in house professional service and consulting team can provide valuable insight and technical support while transitioning from legacy systems.

Why Choose Us

  • Partner XM offers best in class commodity trading and risk management for physical and financial transactions
  • Eximware platforms increase efficiency and help users navigate market volatility and promote smarter trade decisions
  • Always-on cloud-based architecture is easily accessibly, fully scalable and eliminates IT burden
  • The Eximware implementation and account management teams partner with our clients as virtual team members
  • Our leading XM Marketplace e-commerce sourcing cloud allows users to simultaneously procure high quality raw materials and services at the lowest available rate from vetted suppliers saving time and reducing costs
  • At Eximware, we care about your company as much as you do

What Clients Say

XM Marketplace has effectively automated communications and activities related to the sourcing and procurement. We now get the grade, origin and bean type of green coffee and ingredients that we need at the lowest available price. We have also recognized additional savings through operational cost reductions thanks to the platform.
Eximware eMarketplace User, Leading Consumer Food Company
The Eximware Partner XM software has helped our organization streamline trade related activities and improve our management of complex transactions allowing us to centrally monitor and minimize risk.
Eximware Partner XM for Importer and Traders, Coffee Trading Firm on East Coast USA
Eximware Partner XM and the entire account management and services team have been essential in fostering the growth of our business. I have never dealt with a more supportive organization and they truly feel like an extension of my own small business.
Eximware Partner XM for Exporters, Central American Coffee Exporter