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Eximware was founded in 2000 by practitioners in the commodity and raw materials industry that wanted to improve the way trading and negotiation was handled across global markets. Initially, the software the team created was geared towards providing a central platform for exporters (Ex) and importers (im) to streamline the documentation and collaboration process necessary for buying and selling coffee and cocoa. The name Eximware reflects our rich company history as a pioneer to bring documentation and negotiation into the digital age. Literally, our name is an abbreviation of Ex(port)im(port)(soft)ware.
Eximware was founded in 2002. We have been helping businesses in commodity industry improve their trading and procurement processes since day one and continue to develop our cloud based software offerings to meet the future needs of our clients. Over 100 companies leverage Eximware platforms globally to buy, sell, source and trade commodities, raw material and services.
After immediate success implementing trading systems for exporters and importers, Eximware recognized a need for product manufacturers to improve their sourcing and procurement process for buying raw materials.

To further support providing an end-to-end supply chain trading solution, Eximware merged with InterCommercial Markets in 2002. The merger added an e-Commerce Marketplace to the Eximware portfolio that would allow clients to centrally manage e-sourcing, procurement and all bid related activity for the procurement of raw materials.

Our clients save millions of dollars every year through actual cost and realized efficiencies gained by automating the bid process and allowing Eximware Marketplace to act as a passive system of record for compliance tracking purposes.

Eximware has also expanded its offerings to meet the needs of professionals involved in the trading and sourcing of additional commodities, raw materials and services. Our advanced product offerings now include trading platforms and central online marketplaces tailored for coffee, tea, cocoa, steel, metals and freight. Eximware has also developed custom product offerings for related service providers and farms that were able to leverage our technology to improve their business processes.

Our cloud based infrastructure and proper due diligence that is conducted before bringing a new client onboard makes our implementation process very efficient. During the entire courting phase we will assess and report estimates for expected timing and fees to migrate from your existing system or process to an Eximware platform.
Although we do have some general pricing guidelines, we prefer to have an initial conversation to properly assess your business processes and expectations so that we can provide the best solution for your business. Contact us for a pain-free consultation and to learn more about how Eximware can help improve your core business processes.
Hundreds of users rely on Eximware cloud-based software platforms for buying, selling, trading, importing, exporting and analyzing data related to commodities, raw materials, semi-finished goods and services.
Eximware takes a proactive approach to product development. We are happy to share our roadmap once we learn more about your business. Further, Eximware offers consulting and customization of new and existing products to meet the needs of clients that are a good long term fit with our company goals and initiatives. If you are looking for something in particular or simply want to discuss some potential ideas that would make a positive impact to your bottom-line please contact us directly.
Commodity Management is the process of developing a systematic approach to the entire usage cycle for a group of items. The term encompasses commodity trading and risk management, along with sourcing, procurement and planning of raw materials, semi-processed goods and services while managing the logistics of a complete end-to-end supply chain.
Commodity management is a new broader reaching level of technology that covers more than a traditional commodity trading and risk management system. Eximware systems have capabilities beyond that of a traditional CTRM product, tracking logistics, acting as a robust trade blotter, capturing important data for analysis and monitoring logistics and all physical and financial risk factors for commodities, raw materials and services.