Partner XM for Coffee Importers and Traders

Eximware coffee import software is configured to overcome the challenges associated with buying, selling and allocating green coffee while monitoring position and managing risk to maximize profitability. The industry specific solution is configured with built-in workflows and robust report analytics that have been customized to meet the needs of the global import trade from sourcing to sale. Partner XM handles all aspects of the commercial and specialty coffee business.

  • Centralized cloud based platform accessible through web browser
  • Manage physical and financial risk associated with importing green coffee
  • Handles conversions to buy, sell, break inventory to match demand and maximize profitability
  • Quickly pull up inventory and gain ability to live broadcast offering sheet to existing webpage
  • Save time through use of templates and default preferences based on supplier, buyer and/or grade
  • Escape spreadsheets and manual contract creation with automated workflow engine

Eximware software was developed by commodity industry and technology experts. Partner XM for Coffee Importers and Traders has extensive out of the box capabilities for mid through large specialty and commercial coffee companies and has long been considered the industry standard in commodity management solutions.