It’s been my mantra for years. My morning cup of coffee jump-starts my day and I take time to savor and appreciate it before leaving the house. I usually arrive to the office ready for my second cup and conveniently, a fresh pot is often mid-brew when I get to my desk. As if the beep from the coffee maker is calling my name in Morse Code; I’m drawn to it. The pantry in our office is well stocked with a variety of beans from different grades, origins and roast levels so quality won’t be an issue. (I prefer a dark roast, for those keeping score.)

By 3pm, I don’t just want another cup I need it. Skeptical? You shouldn’t be. Recent studies have shown that my coffee craving may actually be genetic. CNN and others have referenced several studies that link a persons genes to coffee consumption. Certain people may metabolize caffeine more quickly and therefore need more to keep the “caffeine buzz” going. I don’t need a test to tell me I need more coffee than my peers. If I don’t have a cup by noon, I am setting myself up for a major headache later in the day.

In life and at work, I avoid situations that cause headaches as do our clients. Coffee industry leaders choose Eximware coffee export, import, sourcing and trading software because we understand the value of a cup of coffee. Our software helps companies along the sourcing and roasting supply chain manage physical and financial workflows allowing them to source and process green coffee cost effectively and efficiently.

I get great satisfaction knowing that the cup of coffee I’m enjoying as I type this post was likely managed by our software somewhere along its supply chain.

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