The challenges facing the food and beverage industry continue to mount. Increasing consolidation among market leaders and a growing demand for sustainable, organic, Fairtrade and “specialty” food continues to threaten potential profits. Consumers want high quality, but very few are willing to fund high ingredient costs through price increases. Uncertainty in raw materials markets, supply challenges and inconsistent performance among suppliers can further burden a company’s ability to provide the right products at an attractive price point.

Ingredients sourcing teams, raw materials buyers and quality and logistics professionals must find a better way of managing complex supply chains from the time a request for ingredients is made to the point of manufacturing. An ideal solution would be to centralize and automate ad-hoc manual processes without hindering quality.

Eximware understands ingredient and raw materials markets. It’s cloud-based sourcing solution, XM Marketplace, stands as the most affordable, efficient and cost-effective means of centrally managing food and beverage procurement workflow for commodities, ingredients, raw materials and freight services. It allows companies to work with pre-approved providers to ensure quality standards are met while maintaining relationships and saving time with a reverse bidding platform for creating, evaluating, negotiating and contracting for ingredients and raw materials.

Our clients and user community contribute to our product development roadmaps ensuring our solutions continue to meet and exceed the needs of a given market. XM Marketplace has a built-in data capture and report engine that empowers companies to make more intelligent data driven buying decisions. The cloud based interface allows buyers and sellers to interact seamlessly from anywhere with an internet connection or wireless signal. Financial and audit teams appreciate XM Marketplace for its ability to capture, analyze and generate reports of relevant request, bid and buying activity.

XM Marketplace is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to efficiently manage the sourcing process from request through contract. It integrates with our Partner XM commodity management software platform or any other number of ERP, MRP and accounting systems. Over 16 Billion dollars of commodities, raw material ingredients and services has been contracted on the platform and it can be customized to meet any companies specific sourcing and procurement needs.

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