A little coffee mixed into a chocolate recipe can enhance the flavor profiles of any candy or cake, but when it comes to opportunity for padding profits it appears that cocoa, or cacao rather, is enhancing many commodity market participants portfolios. In recent years, there have been all kinds of mentions of climate change, plant borne disease and pests devastating coffee crops. As many of our exporter clients fight coffee rust and pricing uncertainty they have begun to explore new opportunities for profit by adding cacao (cocoa) to their grow plans.

Luckily, Eximware platforms were created by experts in the cocoa and coffee industry. With only a phone call, quick discovery and planning call a company using Partner XM for Coffee can be setup to use our commodity management cloud for cocoa. Covering cocoa beans, processing into liquor, butter and powder along with capabilities to procure and plan based on processing formulas, Eximware solutions now serve the cocoa industry. We partner with our clients to provide the best solutions and support profitable growth. If your company is looking for an agricultural commodity solution, speak to us about how we may be able to help.