Partner XM for Steel is a cloud-based software platform that centrally manages all physical commodity trading activity including buy and sell contracts, futures and options, pre-advices, loading, bulk and containerized shipments, documentation, logistics, discharge, warehousing and counterparty/end-user delivery. The web-hosted and intuitive central commodity management solution allows users to create and centrally monitor terms and conditions, financial data, inspection certificates and physical movements while maintaining records for compliance.

Established in 2000, Eximware empowers our clients to focus on their core business goals and maximize profits through ease of use and

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improved visibility of their complete metals portfolio throughout their organization. Eximware Partner Suite for Steel is designed to help metal traders, recyclers, exporters and importers of primary and secondary metals, semi-finished products, ferrous scrap, and recycled materials make smarter trading decisions through accurate monitoring and effective risk management.

Partner XM for Steel monitors and manages:

  • Pre-advice and readiness certificates
  • Loading, discharging and warehousing
  • Price movements
  • Bulk shipping
  • Containerized shipping
  • Scrap and EOL recycling
  • Contract creation, modification and settlement
  • Semi-finished products including: blocks, billets, sows, t-bars, sheets, plates and rods

Specialized configurations for every role along the supply chain.

Logistics Departments

XM Marketplace for Services allows users to centrally manage the procurement and sourcing of spot market freight and warehousing at the best available price.

Eximware XM Marketplace for Services

• Centrally manage spot market RFPs for freight and warehousing
• Optimize communications with service providers
• Locate available warehouse space in realtime
• Capture historical pricing data for anaylsis and evaluation of service providers

Importers and Traders

Partner XM for Importers and Traders empowers users to monitor and manage overall consolidated position in real-time with all transactional data available 24/7/365.

Eximware Partner XM
for Importers and Traders

Eximware Partner XM for Importers and Traders permits each department – trading, logistics, quality control, sales – to work independently while it maintains total position analytics to promote adequate hedging and coverage.

Steel Processors

Partner XM for Processors- cloud-based commodity trading and risk management- centrally automates contract creation while promoting smart data driven decision making.

Eximware Partner XM for Processors

• Position and risk management
• Purchase contracts – Fixed Price and Price To Be Fixed
• Futures, Options
• Logistics & Traffic
• Reporting and analytics

Eximware’s Additional Services

In addition to providing a world class commodity management platform, Eximware offers an industry leading e-commerce marketplace for sourcing raw materials, semi-finished products and freight services. Our e-commerce marketplace platform allows sourcing groups to canvass  pre-approved counterparties in an efficient standardized manner rather than relying on email, instant messaging or other unstructured mechanisms. Additionally, our in house professional service and consulting team can provide valuable insight and technical support while transitioning from legacy systems.

Why Choose Us

  • Partner XM offers best in class commodity trading and risk management for physical and financial transactions
  • Eximware platforms increase efficiency and help users navigate market volatility and promote smarter trade decisions
  • Always-on cloud-based architecture is easily accessibly, fully scalable and eliminates IT burden
  • The Eximware implementation and account management teams partner with our clients as virtual team members
  • Our leading marketplace platform allows users to simultaneously procure high quality raw materials and services at the lowest available rate from vetted suppliers saving time and reducing costs
  • At Eximware, we care about your company as much as you do

What Clients Say

Eximware’s steel commodity management platform allows me to simultaneously manage physical and financial transactions and keep an eye on my position and counter party liability. Using the cloud to centrally create all trade related documents has saved me time and money while giving me the ability to capture historical data for future analysis.
Steel Trader located in Northeast USA, Mid-sized Steel and Recycled Metal Trading Firm